Our Story

The creator of Snack Time, did not have an original intention of marketing international appetizers. She came to the United States to attend college in Cleveland Tennessee. Homesick in Tennessee she made African appetizers from her mother’s recipes to comfort herself and her friends. Students of all nationalities enjoyed the appetizers.

People started demanding Snack-Time appetizer in exchange for cash: families will order large trays of appetizer varieties for their kids during summer break and school sessions; weddings and private parties started requesting Snack-Time appetizers. The “Aha” moment  came when families started ordering on a weekly bases. She knew she had to make the snacks more accessible to customers.

Snack-Time was birth out of sheer love for food. We have passion for making authentic international appetizers and loves to share a piece of other West Africa with the world. We are a BBB accredited business


To inspire the world with authentic African appetizers


Snack-Time appetizers will be the standard for African appetizers around the world. We plan to lead the way with high-quality ingredients and carefully crafted appetizers that are delicious and yummy to taste buds around the world.  



We treats all employees, vendors, customers and business partners with respect at all times. We also treat our products and ingredients with respect.


We believe that lack of honesty lays a shaky foundation for any endeavor. Honesty is at our core hence we are truthful and direct in all our dealings.


There is always room for improvement and we are never satisfied with the status quo. We are driven to continually improve the way we produce our products and the ways we do business.